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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
25th Anniversary Exhibition

Twenty-five years have passed since Dr. Seuss’s last book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! was
published in 1990. In honor of this milestone,
a special exhibition is traveling North America
to artistically highlight the scores of places
and eras Dr. Seuss has taken us with his incomparable collection of artwork.

Throughout a lifelong adventure into “logical insanity,” Ted Geisel transported viewers through an astonishing visual journey they never dreamed possible.

In his final book, Ted gathered his favorite unpublished sketches, pinned them up on the cork walls of his studio and then set about finding a way to make them connect. The result was the most powerful graphic work he had done in many years.

The Portfolio at the San Diego History Center – Now on Exhibition in New Orleans

In celebration of this milestone, an exclusive Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Portfolio was unveiled to the public at the San Diego History Center museum. As the featured centerpiece of the exhibition, this limited edition portfolio takes visitors behind the scenes to experience the Dr. Seuss archives in a way you never could before. Nine expertly crafted works, adapted from Dr. Seuss’s original concept drawings for Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, are presented within a specially made collector’s edition case, which includes an introductory letter from Audrey Geisel, a rare photograph of Ted in his studio with images from the project, and excerpts from his original manuscript. Join us in its New Orleans presentation and be one of the first to view and acquire this grand collection of artwork. (Audrey Geisel letter available in PDF Form Upon Request to Journalists)

As part of her February 2015 letter accompanying the Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Portfolio, Mrs. Audrey Geisel writes: “He was taking everything he knew and putting it into the life-voyage of this particular little boy. Ted is indeed the boy in the pajamas in Oh, the Places You’ll Go! This portfolio, published on the 25th anniversary of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is the capstone of his enduring legacy”. – Audrey Geisel

Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) at Easel

Oh the Places We Will Go Artwork

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